Transformer beast wars Neo

TV series / 30min. / 35eps.


Several years have passed since the battle of Lioconvoy and other warriors. Bigconvoy, now the veteran warrior, was assigned by Vector Sigma, the master computer of the cybertoron, to the trainer of young warriors. Gun-Ho, the spaceship with Bigconvoy and five newcomers took a training flight for a remote planet called Gaia. Their mission was to investigate why the spaceship of Lioconvoy had disappeared and what is the cause of the subsequent mega-explosion observed in the area. There, they found the black box of the spaceship, in which stored the message from Lioconvoy. His last request was to find the capsules of the Ungolmore Energy that had scattered all over the galaxy because of the explosion of the artificial planet Nemesis. While Bigconvoy and the new warriors immediately set out to find the capsules, the Destrons were also looking for the energy. The new battle were about to start between the Cybertorons and the Destrons !!


  • Planning : Yutaka Sugiyama, Toshihiko Sato
  • Script Writer : Junki Takegami
  • Director : Osamu Sekita
  • Character Design : Hiroyuki Taiga, Takahiro Yamada
  • Art Director : Nobuto Sakamoto
  • Color Coordinator : Yuki Umeda
  • Sound Director : Kazuya Tanaka
  • Composite Director : Kogo Oni
  • Editing : Jun Taguma
  • Music Coordinator : Yuzo Hayashi
  • Producers : Makiko Iwata, Hirofumi Umeshita, Kiyonori Hayashi
  • Produced by TV TOKYO, NAS, Ashi Productions

Cast / Japanese Voice Actors

  • Bigconvoy : Junichi Inoue
  • Longrack : Jun Uemoto
  • Collada : Makoto Ueki
  • Break : Jyunko Takeuchi
  • Stampy : Mika Ishibashi
  • NAVI : Kaori Tanoue
  • Magmatoron : Sho Ryuzanji
  • Guiledirt : Haryi Kaneko
  • Saberback : Kazuki Yao
  • Deadend : Seiji Mizutani
  • Sling : Monster Maezuka
  • D-NAVI : Maki Miyamae

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(C)1999 T.P.C/TOMY/Ashi Productions/NAS

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