TV series / 30min. / 26eps.


In North Africa, sands of the desert suddenly start to creep like a creature at night. Camels, tents and people are swallowed into the weird sand storm one after another. An unknown syndicate called "SPT" investigates and finds an ominous creature called Gandalla appearing out of the desert. In Los Angeles, Emma, a girl dreaming to be a professional singer, meets Yuki, who was a member of Emma's elder brother's band. Sydney, who was also a member of the band, forms a new band called "Soppy's Camel". Emma asks Yuki to go with her for live performance of Soppy's Camel. But Yuki now hates music and no longer plays guitar, though he was once known as one of the greatest guitarists in Los Angels. Around that time, mysterious sandstorms occur in many places of the world, in which famous composers disappear. Gandalla has a power to transform everything into sand, and it is said that if one gets a specific music controlling Gandalla, he can also control the world. Emma and Yuki happen to be involved in the troubles and battles among those who try to get the music.


  • Planning / Original Story : Yoshimasa Onishi
  • Executive Producers : Kaya Onishi, Toshihiko Sato
  • Script Writer : Akiyoshi Sakai
  • Chief Director : Hidehito Ueda
  • Original Character Design : Yasushi Moriki, Haruhiko Mikimoto
  • Character Design : Junichi Hayama, Osamu Horiuchi
  • Art Director : Nobuto Sakamoto
  • Color Coordinator : Yoshitaka kato
  • Sound Director : Noriyoshi Matsuura
  • Composite Director : Kazuhiro Konishi
  • Editing : Jun Taguma
  • Music Coordinator : Toshiyuki Watanabe
  • Producers : Hiroshi Kato, Shinichi Hirai, Akiyoshi Sakai
  • Produced by Big West, Ashi Productions

Cast / Japanese Voice Actors

  • Yuki Saijo : Yasunori Matsumoto
  • Emma Brown : Rika Komatsu
  • Yan : Ai Orikasa
  • Sydney Arms : Issei Futamata
  • Joe Saxe : Koji Tsujitani
  • Rick Hudson : Toru Furusawa
  • Michel : Yumi Toma
  • Tyrone : Hirotaka Suzuoki
  • Kriza : Kazuki Yao
  • Babaron : Reiko Suzuki
  • Cradle : Kiyoyuki Yanada
  • Amrita : Masami Suzuki
  • Sukani : Kaori Yuasa
  • Gord : Hironori Miyata

(C)Ashi Productions / Big West

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