Josephine the whale

TV series / 30min. / 24eps.


Josephine, a whale, who came from Santi's imaginary world, is his best friend. Santi was not looked after well by his parents since his younger sister had been born. For this reason, he always felt lonely and was eager to have a friend playing with him. Josephine represents Santi's dream, that is "treasure in mind" or "friend in mind" which all children wish to have. Josephine is not only his friend but also his father or mother sometimes and encourages him with various dreams and hopes while he is growing up. The original novel of this animation series is "Adios, Josefina" written by Jose Maria Sanchez Silva in Spain, which was awarded the International Andersen Grand Prize. He is also known well in Japan as the author of the novel adapted for a film "Marcelino Pan Y Vino [Miracle of Marcelino](1995,Spain)", in which his beautiful and poetic world was well introduced. He is one of the most admired authors of juvenile novels not only in Spain but also over the world. "Josephine, the Whale" is an enjoyable and encouraging animation program for all the children of the world.


  • Original Story : "Adios,Josefina" (Jose Maria Sanchez Silva)
  • Planning : Toshihiko Sato
  • Script Writer : Yu Yamamoto
  • Director : Kunihiko Yuyama
  • Character Design : Kazuo Tomizawa
  • Key Animator : Tamotsu Tanaka
  • Art Director : Geki Katsumata
  • Color Coordinator : Minoru Mukai
  • Sound Director : Nobuhiro Komatsu
  • Composite Director : Nobuyuki Sugaya
  • Editing : Toshio Henmi
  • Music Coordinator : Kunihiro Kawano
  • Producers : Takayuki Yanagisawa, Yoshiaki Aihara, Hiroshi Kato
  • Cooperated by Sociedad Hispanica del Japon
  • Produced by TV Tokyo , Ashi Productions

Cast / Japanese Voice Actors

  • Santi : Naomi Jinbo
  • Josephine : Kazue Takahashi
  • Rafael : Takahiro Tanaka
  • Maria/Narration : Toshiko Sawada
  • Rosa : Tomiko Suzuki
  • Shura : Yoshiko Matsuo
  • Meruchuuru : Kunihiko Kitagawa


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