Petit Ange

TV series / 30min. / 26eps.


Ange Irington is living in London in the 19th century with her grandmother, Barbara, while her parents, Charles and Fiah, are assigned to be in India by the government. When she successfully locates a missing jewelry of the Queen, she is known as a genius detective girl. The Queen gives her an honor name Petit along with an pendant, and allows her to act as a detective with the same authority as that of Scotland Yard. Petit Ange resolves many difficult cases which could not be resolved even by Scotland Yard.


  • Executive Producers : Koichi Motohashi
  • Planning : Nippon Animation
  • Script Writer : Yu Yamamoto
  • Director : Fumio Kurokawa
  • Character Design : Motosuke Takahashi
  • Key Animator : Tamotsu Tanaka
  • Art Director : Torao Arai
  • Color Coordinator : Minoru Mukai
  • Sound Director : Nobuhiro Komatsu
  • Composite Director : Nobuyuki Sugaya, Hisao Taguchi
  • Editing : Yoshiaki Aihara, Toshio Henmi
  • Music Coordinator : Hiroshi Tsutsui
  • Producers : Yoshihiro Oba
  • Cooperated by Ashi Productions, Toshihiko Sato
  • Produced by Nippon Animation, ABC

Cast / Japanese Voice Actors

  • Angers · Islington : Keiko Han
  • Jackson : Ichiro Nagai
  • Michael : Kazuyuki Sogabe
  • Barbara : Miyoko Aso
  • Frank : Seiko Nakano
  • Poppins : Koko Kikuchi
  • Benjamin : Kaneta Kimotsuki
  • Alfred : Tetsuo Mizutori


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