Go-Shogun - The time stranger

Theatrical Film / 90min.


Two stories are simultaneously depicted, one is an accident which takes place 40 years after Go-Shogun team dispersed, and the other is a mysterious happening which Go-shogun team might have been confronted some time in the past. Go-Shogun team comes to a weird town, where they are told by a prophet that they will die within the next five days, and Remy Shimada, only female member, will die first. They desperately try to escape from the town without success. Remy is attacked by a monster and fails to beat it with bullets inside her gun, while she is in critical condition in a hospital in another story. She loads the last bullet she has as a pendant and shoots the monster with last slight hope.


  • Planning : Yasuyoshi Tokuma, Toshihiko Sato
  • Script Writer : Takashi Shudo
  • Director : Kunihiko Yuyama
  • Character Design : Hideyuki Motohashi
  • Chief of Key Animator : Hideyuki Motohashi
  • Key Animator : Yutaka Kawasuji
  • Art Director : Torao Arai
  • Color Coordinator : Yuri Hirokawa, Kumiko Nakayama
  • Sound Director : Noriyoshi Matsuura
  • Composite Director : Seiichi Hashitani
  • Editing : Toshio Henmi, Naoyuki Masaki, Kazuhiko Seki
  • Music Coordinator : Tachio Akano
  • General Producer : Tatsumi Yamashita
  • Producers : Hideo Ogata, Hiroshi Kato
  • Produced by Tokuma Shoten, Ashi Productions

Cast / Japanese Voice Actors

  • Remy Shimada : Mami Koyama
  • Hojo Shingo : Hirotaka Suzuoki
  • Killy Gagley : Hideyuki Tanaka
  • Leonardo Medici Bundle : Kaneto Shiozawa
  • Suegni Cuttnal : Shojiro Kihara
  • Yatta-La-Kernagul : Daisuke Gori
  • Remy's mother : Toshiko Fujita
  • Girl : Yumi Takada
  • Old Woman : Nobuyo Tsuda
  • Man : Shozo Iizuka
  • Doctor : Fumio Matsuoka

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